Challenge #03161-H252: Teaching Gently

Level 1 Havenworlders, and levels one through three Deathworlders, were being trained in how to work in childcare facilities that would have human children there. How to help them burn off the excess energy Human children tended to have, and to keep the Human children, and all other children, as well as themselves, safe. -- Anon Guest

Education in the Galactic Alliance gets... interesting. Class sizes rarely exceed ten. Indeed, eight is when the facility starts looking at ways to divide the group. Age is not relevant. Social skills and capabilities are.

Accepting responsibilities is a large part of the curriculum. It is well and good to know one's rights, but one must also accept the responsibilities that go with them.

Chief among these in early education is the Gentleness Test. Not all children learn how to be careful. Some are just naturally rough. Teaching a child how to not harm things and then people is truly important. Which is why some very smart people invented toys to teach it rather than letting damage and injury ensue.

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