Challenge #03261-H352: Beware the Shy and Retiring Wildlife

A Deathworlder alien visits Australia, they don't listen when the humans tell them it's too dangerous to go even into the shallows of the water along the beach by Perth. The idiot, despite the human running as fast as they can to stop them, goes wading in with an arrogant smirk of "it's only water, and if the fish is named after a harmless substance that even your kind use to denote someone who's weak or cowardly, how bad can it be??" Until they're stung by a box jellyfish, they got lucky, medics saved them, but the pain makes them wish they'd not survived. -- Anon Guest

You never ask questions with obvious and deleterious answers, because the Universe will provide. Haagraxin Vork had been warned about this, ze had been warned about Australia. Nevertheless, Vork considered hirself to be too tough to pay attention to weaker Deathworlders' warnings about these things.

Therefore, when the locals were happy to laze about on the beach but not go in because of 'jellyfish', Vork scoffed and charged in, asking exactly the wrong question.

Vork got hir answer in a very short amount of time, as ze foolishly attempted to bat away one of the seemingly harmless cnidarians... and thereby getting toxic tendrils all over hir arm, leg, and half hir torso.

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