Challenge #03119-H210: Turn Beast

The world was a level 1 Deathworld, to humans, it was damn near a haven world. The storms that DID blow up were no where near the level that Earth could throw at them, and the few predators, although somewhat dangerous, were terrified of the smell of smoke, and therefore were kept well away.

The Humans chatted cheerfully as they set up the tents in two sets of circles. The larger tents for the adult Humans on the outside, smaller tents for the young trainees on the inside, and in the center of the campsite, a fire that was burning cheerfully in a carefully set firepit lined and encircled with large stones to keep it well controlled. The level one Havenworlders, and level one Deathworld youngsters were, at best, dubious. But they DID agree to this training camp, after all, it would help them be stronger in the future... right?

(( This is basically loosely based off the Scouts, and the JROTC programs of Earth.))

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Sparks from the fire shot into the sky, the tents had long since been set up, dinner had been cooked on the fire, and now one of the Humans had brought out a guitar for traditional Earth songs. "Ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie watcha, Ging gang goo..."

Considering some Human songs, this was neighbouring normalcy. It wasn't a hard song to learn and, indeed, the hard part would be getting it to go away. It was Human Sora's knee that warned of the storm before the clouds and distant rumbling told the rest of the campers. The young Havenworlders, to cogniscent, screamed.

Human Dora changed her song. "There's a storm coming in..." shrieks and bedlam, "Faster than you can run/ Don't worry, darling/ This shelter is strong..." The effort, though well-intentioned, failed. So too did I Hear Thunder.

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