Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon and Waffles

Plague news: Five new cases - four local, one import. One hundred and fifty-three total active cases, sixty-three are in hospital, and one of those is in the ICU.

I attempted to make waffles out of Beloved's Fail-Levann and the result was.... eatable... I guess. Better with tastier accessories IMHO. The waffles turned out floppy and the pancakes were a load of crepe. Ah well.

I might actually acquire some buttermilk and try the real recipe with my starter harvest this weekend. I might just stick to crumpets. They're faster and easier.

BUT for now my PLN is to publish the Instant, acquire silicon egg rings, get some more victuals for the fam and then go home.

Then I post all the Patreon stuff I can share. Yay.

The news that has reached me:

  • Covidiot who threw a mask-burning protest in the US died of the plague just days afterwards. My hopes and prayers to the friends and family :\
  • Restrictions easing in Victoria despite spike in cases
  • Queensland maintaining restrictions until the cases go down
  • A walking plague vector travelled around not believing the plague exists

It's horseshit like that that's been making me avoid the news.

Onwards to storytime.