Challenge #03438-I150: Critical Misunderstanding

A Knomira sees a human carrying a large bird on their shoulder. They try to pet the bird and the person states quite coldly they have to ask the bird's permission. The Havenworlder is NOT happy about the Knomira throwing a fit calling them a 'pet'. It's not their fault their translator's broken! -- Anon Guest

[AN: Translator software is almost universally useless in my future. Galactics prefer to use the services of living translators, usually JOATS]

"Why didn't you train your pet?" demanded Tourist Naom, as she was still trying to reach for the bristling avian on the fellow Human's shoulder. "It's irresponsible to take untrained pets into public spaces!"

"It's just as irresponsible to not ask permission before touching. Do you even own protector gloves?" The Human with a bird on their shoulder shied away from Naom, moving one arm to block her reach. "And this isn't my pet, they're my friend. This is Engineer T'riok, thank you very much."

"I don't care what fancy name you've given it," Tourist Naom went directly to fury and didn't even glance at listening or comprehension. "You're lucky I don't call Security on you, dragging around a dangerous animal like that. Someone could have been hurt."

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