Tuesday, Patreon, Nerfing and Nonsense

Beloved and I tried to remove the remaining acrylic on my nails and... nothing shifted. Even literally soaking my nails in acetone did squat. So I'm left with picking it off or growing it off.

Lucky my nails grow fast.

It's Patreon day today! I get to unearth all the cool stuff I deem fit to share with my Esteemed Patrons, and then post it so they can take a peeksie.


I also have to go about nerfing the Lockbox of Po'ki'maan. Stuff like limits to how many it can hold and how often it can be used. Which I may discuss with the holder of same. Same with nerfing the Horn of R'qiklashnula

I honestly did not intend for it to be as OP as it is. Just... tempting.

I'll get onto that soonish. But for now, it is time for a tale.