Humans Are Frightening

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Challenge #03974-J322: Proof Against Humans

The ship with some ship humans encounter a very frightening problem as the pirate ship comes barrelling toward them. The pirates are humans, too. -- Anon Guest

Edges are dangerous. People or things either get cut by them or fall off them. They have ways of causing harm. The same remains with the Edge Territories. Here there be hives of scum and villainy. Here there be pirates.

Here, also, there be Humans.

Everyone venturing into the Edge knows that it's best to have a Human on board. More than one for preference. What's less frequent is the Humans who decide to not be friendly. Humans could also decide on a life of piracy.

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Challenge #03699-J046: With a Smile

Pirate once captured - "Those eyes... those.. horrible... eyes... I see them, even when I sleep!"

Security officer to the human - "What in the name of all the powers did you DO to them?"

Human, shrugging - "Nothing abnormal, honest. When I capture pirates, all I do is look them in the eyes as I put the restraints on them, and smile."

Security officer to their superior - "We're going to need some serious meds here, soon, and therapists." -- Anon

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Challenge #03576-I287: Close Encounter, Near Miss

The person LOOKS like they're a Knomira harassing a Havenworlder and grabbing at their child. Until, suddenly, another being is grabbed and restrained who had been stalking the Havenworlder, and the person admits they acted in that way to keep themselves between the stalker and the Havenworlder, who had been trying to kidnap the Havenworlder's youngster. They apologize for the scare, they had only been trying to help. -- Anon Guest

Roughgrit Station had only recently been cleared for Havenworlders. They were

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