Challenge #03576-I287: Close Encounter, Near Miss

The person LOOKS like they're a Knomira harassing a Havenworlder and grabbing at their child. Until, suddenly, another being is grabbed and restrained who had been stalking the Havenworlder, and the person admits they acted in that way to keep themselves between the stalker and the Havenworlder, who had been trying to kidnap the Havenworlder's youngster. They apologize for the scare, they had only been trying to help. -- Anon Guest

Roughgrit Station had only recently been cleared for Havenworlders. They were warned in advance about this, and some standard security measures had yet to be fully installed.

Traveler Kirk had their infant Gib in a livepram, but thanks to a minor malfunction, had to open the access for small repairs and mop-up duties[1]. This necessitated an enclosed lounge for just such a need.

That was when Kirk noticed the Human following them. Their concern about that was confirmed with the breathless coo of, "Bay-bee!"

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