Saturday, Catching up

The Gayening has commenced. We have some rainbow flag bunting strung up near the front door. Very tasteful. Almost discrete. Only those prone to being offended could take offense at it.

In the acquisition of such, I missed out on Catio cleaning and the Starter feeding. I will get on with that after the story is posted.

After the Catio and Bikkie stuff, I shall get on with summaries, chapter separation, chamber dressing, and fic tagging. Yay.

I'm getting closer and closer to the end of bullet-summarising Adapting, which means I have a whole day off for myself when done. Then I should be fine to work on the 2K summary. I'll see if I need a day of rest after doing that.

At least Tale Foundry has trained me for editing. It might knock me sideways to repeatedly edit something in half, but I will find that out when I find that out.

I now have a supply of Ashwagandha again. It's going to be a week or two before we see if that effects my energy levels or, as I suspect, my maintained workload and recent bereavement is impacting me.

I got myself a copy of Gris with the leftovers from getting Stray and... mmm... games are art. Pretty...


Let's get on with getting on with things.