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Challenge #03127-H218: Close Encounters of the Telegenic Kind

People of the Alliance go to the deadliest country on the planet Earth, Australia, and meet the happiest animal on the continent. The quokka.

https://bestlifeonline.com/quokka/ -- Lessons

This was odd for a Havenworlder tour of a Deathworld. They expected to visit the safer areas of Earth and thereby toughen up their genes via epigenetics. They were understandably alarmed to learn that they were visiting Australia. The one part of Earth that was almost at level five[1]. After the ensuing panic died down, they learned that they were visiting a small island off the coast of Australia with the 'charming' Deathworlder name of Rottnest.

Learning that the name translated into "Rat's Nest" didn't improve anything. It conjured images of nightmare. Rodents of unusual size, ready to devour them whole. The dreaded egg eaters run amok over an entire land mass. The reality was extremely far from the truth.

The 'rats' on Rottnest were marsupials the size of cats, and they looked like a cheerful teddy bear had come to life. They were calm, tame, and knew how to smile for the cameras. They would literally eat out of any cogniscents' hands[2].

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