Challenge #03956-J304: Too Much Like You

They were trying to be more like the ship's human. The ship's human apologized while treating their friend's injury, though at least it was minor. Sad that their friend hurt themselves trying to push it too far. -- DaniAndShali

"I tried to tell you," said Human Otz as she carefully cleansed Orz' injuries. "My fanciest buugengs[1] are sharp. Why didn't you stick with the light plastic ones I printed for you?"

"You warned me that I was not skilled enough. That I wasn't ready and it was dangerous," Companion Neil winced as the antiseptic went on her injury. "You do use the word 'sharp' to describe things that are hot, cold, and bright."

"As well as literally sharp," sighed Otz. "Okay. I understand the confusion, but they're also pretty heavy. As you have learned. You're lucky it bounced away from you instead of through you. Why did you try to take them down in the first place?"

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