Challenge #03482-I194: The Time-Out Chamber

A Knomira is locked up for throwing a very violent temper tantrum in a shop which caused a large amount of damage to property and some injuries to various cogniscents. Now they're throwing another violent tantrum, because they're still locked up, and being required to go to therapy. -- Anon Guest

The habitat was a pale and inoffensive grey. Every possible surface was padded with cellulose fabric and cellulose stuffing. It did not help Marciatrude's general mood to know that any surface she tore was instantly repaired by the fastest nanites that the B'nari could provide.

Even the air recycling system was beyond her ability to ruin. Algae tubes inside battle-rated Duran-ALON[1] were a welcome visual relief from the bland grey of everything else.

Nevertheless, she vented her rage at anything it was possible to rage at. They had no right to do this to her! This was a violation of her God-given freedoms! She wanted to see the manager! She demanded a lawyer! She was going to SUE! What she got, instead, was a mild-mannered probably-human[2] in Therapist's red and black.

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