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Challenge #03536-I248: Unearned Wants

It's easy to hate something, or someone, when you are lied to your entire life about that thing, or person, by someone who hates them, or is very jealous of them. So when this kid, barely into their teens, confronts Wraithvine with a head filled with the lies they were told their entire young life, well, what's a caring, fairly kind, wizard to do? -- Anon Guest

Even the organisations with the best of intentions have their dropouts. They try their best, but some people are just determined to never accept certain things. A prince, old enough to know luxury and believe in the promise of inheritance, did not take kindly to the generosity of the Honour Guard.

Prince Faustin didn't like an absence of privilege, and ran away from the Honour Guard as soon as he could. He fell in with similar young blades who felt themselves badly done-by in the world.

They each had their complaints, but it all boiled down to every single one of them not being handed whatever they wanted on a silver platter. Money, power, fame, or the attention of those they desired. It didn't really matter. What mattered was that they were wont to blame everyone but themselves for what they believed to be missing.

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Challenge #03318-I030: A Dangerously Bold Sparkling White

An alcohol maker of great renown was kind and warm. They were also insanely skilled with their craft, being able to make any kind of drink imaginable, and without any use of magic at all. Of course, unfortunately, their reputation got around, so they did, sometimes, have to deal with very arrogant individuals demanding to know their secrets, demanding that they work for only one person or another and "not to share these drinks with the peasantry for they did not deserve

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Challenge #00984-B253: Party Zone, Fun City.

Party zone, fun city, playtime for (so called adults). You can concentrate on either the goings on or the consequences. -- Anon Guest

[AN: Hope you don't mind, but I fixed the obvious typos]

You could call it a fun park, but it was closer to being an entire metropolis at this stage. They called it Fun City, and it contained every kind of enjoyment there was for an adult to indulge in.

There was the Spa Quarter, the Movies District, Shotgun

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Leader Of New Zealand's "Roast Busters" Rape Gang Goes Into Hiding

Leader Of New Zealand's "Roast Busters" Rape Gang Goes Into Hiding

Aaaw da diddums.

My heart bleeds.

No. Wait. That was a mosquito bite.

Have a nice life of hell, arsewipe.

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Zimmerman to be charged in killing of Trayvon Martin

Zimmerman to be charged in killing of Trayvon Martin

Took them long enough.

I’d like to say, “better late than never,” but there’s also the hundreds [if not thousands] of other deaths caused by pallid police shooting at innocent brown people. There’s too many of those and not enough outrage IMO.

One small step towards good progress, anyway.

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