Challenge #03468-I180: Acts of Diminished Responsibility

A Knomira thinks they know better than the safety and security personnel, demanding they let her take her normal shortcut through the station to get back to her quarters. That area is blocked off due to upgrades being done. Long story short, Knomira forces her way in, refuses to acknowledge warning signs, and ends up in an ICU drawer.

Warning signs are there for a REASON people! -- Anon Guest

Floating on a cloud of really great painkillers. Watching friendly colourful blobs drift and collide on a screen a short distance from her face. This could not be real. That was the reasoning Valeska settled on by the time the colourful blobs faded into the face of someone in Medical Reds[1].

"You're a dream," she announced. "And kind'a dreamy. What'cha doin' this weekend?"

Doctor Imaginary was scowling and unhappy. "I am growing three new essential organs for you. While I'm at it, I might see about inserting some functional brain cells." A tap to a little badge on her chest that flashed like a mirror. "Do you even remember what you did to yourself?"

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