Wednesday, Wordpress and Date PLNs

I was going to talk about the rights and responsibilities of the Galactic Alliance, but given recent political shenanigans, I kind'a have to go off about the hypocrisy of the alleged "Pro Life" movement.

They're not pro life. They're pro cruelty.

I will go into this in depth. Including some of the arguments they [and MeMum] use against abortion.

It's all about one group of people making decisions about other people's lives. That's all there is about it. The instant you let people do that, fascism creeps in.

I'm wearing my sparkliest outfit on in prep for date night, I am now going to attempt to focus on at least trying to be polite about a judiciary decision that might fucking kill me and the people I love. Yay.

Because being rude to these people makes them turn off and get even more murder-y.


I hate being polite to people who want to kill me and the people I love. BUT I am going to try. Right after I post today's story.