Challenge #03464-I176: Speak Your Truths

A person has invented a type of chamber that, when used as a courtroom, no one within the courtroom is able to lie. The energy waves were tested from the highest level Deathworlders to the gentlest of Havenworlders. Knomiras and Dereggers HATE it! -- Anon Guest

The Muddoks[1] called it "Truth Rays", but the Muddoks always had a negligible relationship with reality. What it truly was, was a means of harmlessly projecting mild electromagnetic pulses in tune with cogniscent brains. Those pulses muted and impeded anyone's ability to lie.

Needless to say, there were immediate objections upon its invention announcement.

"This violates my religious rights!" or, "What about privacy?" Which are always mainstays when any one group is facing a task they do not wish to participate in[2]. Other classics emerged, such as, "The truth, or what someone believes to be the truth?" and, "I demand my right to free speech! That means I say what I want, when I want, and nobody has the right to stop me![3]"

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