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Challenge #03959-J307: Habeas Testiculos

A knomira refuses to listen about safety protocols when entering a space station animal exhibit. They see very fluffy, bright purple and bright red, creatures with signs that read DON'T TOUCH! AGGRESSIVE! POISONOUS BITES!

They learn the hard way what happens when they try to force their way into the cages to pet the fluffy, seemingly cute, animals. -- Anon Guest

The signs were everywhere around the cage. In several common languages. Including pictograms for those not familiar with those languages. There were also guards. There was a constant voice over on the public address system concerning the dangerousness of the animal within the cage. The peak technology had gone into building it. It was clear that they had done everything they could.

There is always someone who flaunts the rules.

There will be a full review, later. What could be improved about the enclosure. Or, more accurately, what could be improved that would also enable the experience to remain similar. Once again, they would conclude that there was little they could have done.

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