Challenge #04068-K050: Non-Toxic, Hazardous

The male knomira screamed at the guard to move aside, he knew what he was doing. The guard grinned to himself and did so. The knomira ended up on his backside, though really it was only his ego that was harmed. To be fair, the guard DID warn him that they still needed to clean up the rest of the spilled, slippery but otherwise relatively harmless, lubricant. -- Anon Guest

"How can a harmless chemical spill block off an entire walkway? What are you trying to hide? If it's that harmless, why seal off this area? What's hazardous about it?" The Deregger tourist seemed to only one volume setting, which was the top of his lungs. Noise complaints were already coming in about his booming tirade of questions.

Security Officer Oyle, hands clasped behind her back, weathered the rant with the patience of Buddha. She simply stated, "The chemical itself causes no harm to respiritory, digestive, or nervous systems. Nor does it cause harm in contact with the skin. It has covered a significant portion of the floor--"

He interrupted, talking as if he thought Oyle was mentally defective. "Du-u-u-ur. That's where spills hap-pen. I ne-e-e-ed to get to my ap-point-ment. Yo-o-ou are not al-lowed to block my pro-gress."

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