Challenge #03481-I193: Let's Dumb That Down For You

Despite multiple times being told NOT to do it, a Knomira ends up mixing multiple cleaning chemicals to "Clean their room properly." Ends up in an ICU pod with many in hazmat suits trying to clean the mess. -- Lessons

When she woke up, Iyn had the terrifying realisation that she was not breathing. She could glimpse the edges of some complicated machinery on her face and chest. She could not move. The screen above her eyes faded out from colourful blobs to a cutesy cartoon avatar.

"Welcome back," said a character clearly designed for children. "You've done some dangerous, dangerous things and had a BIIIIIIG oopsie. We found out that you were told not to do the dangerous thing, so these educational messages have been adjusted to your learning level!" This news was associated with a canned cheer from an offscreen audience.

Iyn wanted to scream. She wanted to throw things. She especially wanted to punch the too-cute cartoon avatar in the face. The thing that made it worse was that she was paralysed for her own protection.

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