Wednesday, Date Night, and Wordpress

I think, at last, that I am ready to attempt codifying the rights and responsibilities of my pet universe. I will attempt to cover them from basic to complicated needs.

I hope to cover them all, but there's bound to be gaps. So I shall consider it a "living" document whilst I, at least, live.

Other than that, perhaps our date night should be cheap and at home so we can afford everything.

My phone bricked and my email decided to go on strike at the worst time yesterday. And that necessitated another three-figure bill we didn't need. Blargh.

BUT we will have it working without so much red ink in the future. Because we swapped services. Telstra is now a phone service for the heinously wealthy. Ironic.

But now it's story time for you and the day I attempt to do other things before Beloved and I set off on our grand adventure.

I have commenced sifting potential publishers! Huzzah. If I do ten a day, I can handle the grand sorting. Rejecting any who are closed, who don't take what I'm attempting to deliver, or aren't interested in weirdos.

Out of ten, yesterday, I found TWO I might be able to throw my book at. One of which has not given a time period for any response to my potential submission. The struggle is real.

I had really been hoping to not lean on my personal details for this endeavour, but it may be my only foot in the door.

Also finding out what the hell is wrong with my Author Site may help.

Later. I send you stories and writing now.