Tuesday, Patreon and Content Creation

My kind Patrons are getting more storydump and world-building today. I am doing at least ONE more chamber in TaleSpire and one more thing for Alfarell, then I shall either sit and write or go make a thing in the Minecraft server or fart around.

Tale Foundry should be activating their writing competition at some point and I have a thing ready to go. You see it first on my Patreon if you're paying enough. Or if you're a part of the TaleFoundry peeps who do this every week.

Plug plug plug plug plug...


Beloved gets paid today, and we will almost immediately spend most of it on frivolities like food. Ugh. I may or may not be able to pay for Jolie's dental, this pay cycle. I want to, but needs of the fam have an expense priority in Bill Season.

If only I had JK Rowling's levels of money without having to be an absolute canker-sore of a human being...


Some poor transman was beaten up in a male restroom for apparently "using the wrong restroom". He wants to press charges and there will be a huge debate about whether or not he is "really trans" or if the assaulters can use the "gay panic" quote-unquote "defense".


America's headed for hell in a handbasket and we really need to distance ourselves from their collective bullshit before we hop in the basket with them.

It's almost bus o'clock. I shall don my Fluffy Coat and ready my laptop and see where my muse takes me. [who are we kidding? It's straight to tieflings] And thereafter, I shall post today's tale, the Patreon stuff, and move along with content.