Challenge #04094-K076: Act Like a Child...

You know, I always find it so shocking how some people can make such a massive upset over something so small. The way they're screaming you'd think I just told them their world was about to end. All I did was tell them that they cannot come aboard my ship because I've already a full complement of passengers. I refuse to to be unkind by making someone sit uncomfortably simply because this individual is throwing a temper-tantrum. -- DaniAndShali

Pilot Paz stared down at the Human in complete bafflement. According to hir available information, this was the behaviour of their neophytes. The Human was throwing herself on the floor, flailing arms and legs and screaming as if she were being murdered.

Paz double-checked the infonets. This was indeed the behaviour of a Human child. The age range they called 'toddler'. Barely past mastering bipedal motion, possessing debatable bladder and bowel control, and certainly lacking emotional control. This was the classical reaction of a toddler being told 'no'. Yet the person performing it was clearly an adult.

This was beyond Paz's expertise. Clearly, this Human needed some helpful intervention, but Paz only knew how to handle hir ship. There was only one thing to do.

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