Challenge #03916-J264: Dramatic Deception

A knomira used to getting their way sits in a store and screams like a banshee when the customer they were screaming at and accused of lying when they denied being an employee pushed them away when the knomira grabbed an arm. The knomira let themselves fall to the ground scream like they'd been attacked, but proof was shown and the knomira would have to face the consequences for their actions. -- Anon Guest

The problem with multiple people using the same tactic, is that other people find ways around it. The problem with the people prone to using that tactic, is that they're not bright enough to come up with new ones.

Screaming and crying and flailing on the floor should never be used as a manipulation tactic by anyone over three years of age, anyway.

"I was violently attacked," wailed the white woman. "Your employee attacked me! I'm gonna sue him! I'm gonna sue you! I'm gonna sue your whole corporation! I have a whole legal corporation on my side!"

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