Tuesday, Patreon, and maybe shopping?

We're short on cream and I need to get more, so that's going to be an interesting journey. I cried the last time there was a grocery shop.

At least this time I can focus on what we need, get it, and get out. And I have some cashes to help alleviate the impact on my bank account.

Yesterday, I did manage to filter ten more potential publishers. Some have specific time windows when they're open for submissions, so I may have to filter those when the time rolls around.

Lots of them say "Look at our catalogue to see if your thing fits with our things." And then they have an array of fucking generic damn book covers where the title and the art tell NONE of the story. Like... maybe you could tell ME what you like? Please?

More than one of them want me to supply them with a full marketing plan. My peeps. I would not be looking at publishers if I knew how to effectively market my bullshit. I honestly don't know which is worse. The ones with an entry fee, or the ones who want me to do everything for them bar printing the fucking book.

Sigh. 'Tis the state of things, I guess.

Today's experiment is to see how manageable my breathing is off the roid puffer. So far, so good.

Also today: Patreon, filtering, editing, chambering, and maybe writing more of my Tiefling Hellkin sadboi finding true love.

Let's start with today's tale.