Challenge #03523-I235: Meet Your Teammates

Yautto looked upon Wraithvine, Kevin, Gikka, and, Abundance, and Venin, never having had seen such kindness in their lives before. They were grateful, but nervous, as they went on the adventure. Would these people remain friends, or would they chase Yautto out, too, eventually? -- Anon Guest

[AN: While I don't always pay attention to continuity in these works (10-minute limit on Wiki Walks) I try to maintain something close. Gikka belongs to a different time]

The sun warmed them, and so too did a vestment of rainbow hues that Ma Oxbrydl had seemingly knitted at impossible speeds. With a full belly and a warm back, they could focus on things. Like... the names of the meat. Hotbloods. People.

Wraithvine, Yautto knew from ancient legends. Their people called them the god-Elf, owing to what happened at the Lost City[1]. Ze was the last person Yautto would attempt to eat.

It might end the world.

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