Challenge #03524-I236: Still Waters

They were small, thin, wiry, bespeckled and lanky. They spent most their time reading, or quietly relaxing, listening to music. But there was a reason this human wore the red, yellow, and black of Pax Humanis. And a reason those that became their friends knew that they would never be alone, or left to face a frightening world by themselves. -- Anon Guest

Most of them have a cabin in the woods where the hunting is good and they are far away from others. Some prefer their pack. At least one has a library and comfortable chairs with good light. There are other entertainments, but this member of Pax Humanis always goes back to the tactile rewards of a physical book.

Unlike most members of Pax Humanis, this one prefers cats. Unlike very many members of Pax Humanis, Human Xun was trusted to socialise with the more 'normal' members of this sanctuary.

Quiet. Unassuming. Almost passive. They are the last kind of person one might expect from Pax Humanis, but ze has a secret strength.

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