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Challenge #03553-I264: Therapy Augments

They had been through something so immensely horrific they stopped talking altogether. Except, they would speak to animals. They barely looked up, often freezing and curling up into a ball of terror at even the slightest noise over a soft spoken voice. The therapist was broken-hearted, this was going to take a lot of work. -- Anon Guest

Humans were not meant to shut down like this. In and of itself, the spectacle was terrifying. Human Teal was nonresponsive to all but the most nominal indicators of consciousness and understanding. Otherwise, he was a solid ball of terror.

They gave him the most soothing of spaces, the most comforting of foods. The widest array of choices. And, naturally, a therapist trying their best.

Therapist Edima could not talk with Human Teal. Even the softest speaking voice made him flinch and clench in terror. Even sitting near him caused upset. The local Skitties[1] did not, which gave them an idea.

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