Challenge #04152-K134: Postgraduate Course

They "graduated" from being "taught" by a Pax Humanis member, to being in a cell on a prison station run by the Alliance and going through therapy. They still screamed in their sleep and woke up gasping, while clinging to their pillow and wanting the lights left on. -- Anon Guest

How far is too far? How ethical is it to torture someone who once spent people like people spent tissue paper, before the Shattering. How wise is it to keep killers and abusers on the payrolls of an organisation called the Cogniscent Rights Committee?

I don't have easy answers. I'm starting to wonder if there are any.

Don't get me wrong. Most people can be taught. Most people are willing to learn without the threat of punishment looming over their shoulder. Most people can change how they interact with others. Pax Humanis is for the people unlike most people. The people who combine willful ignorance and a casual disregard for their fellow cogniscents.

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