Challenge #04124-K106: Go Touch Grass

A human built a full VR system in their quarters on the station. Their friend had to remind them that there's life outside of that world, too. -- Anon Guest

Virtuality is a hard habit to break. Rescued from a planet in which reality was too harsh for emotional health, Xae spend most of hir waking hours with a screen directly in front of hir eyes. Hir habitat was worse, with the walls showing virtual environments in the rare moments that ze wasn't in hir walk-anywhere harness-platform.

It was not made for guests. It was made for playing.

Given that Xae was an ex-Deregger, some of that was understandable. However, too much of a good thing had definitely met the boundary line for addiction. Such as playing tabletop games via virtual assistant when the other players were on the same ship.

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