Tuesday, Leyland's Tour and Patreon

Mum needs help and hand-holding. IIRC, there's furniture involved and there may or may not be a technical issue somewhere.

The SSD thing is solved at last. Beloved got back to me about my concerns and I am no longer a wet, pathetic beast.

Anyway. I went to bed early yesterday so I could do all the other nonsense this morning. I have learned that I do indeed need to do my stretchies. I also know that, despite my sleep, the B-complex has worn off and I really need to take my meds before I take off.

Alas, the B-complex needs a meal with it. So here's the PLN:

  1. I finish my stretchies, torture my feet
  2. Put on my knees
  3. Feed the cats (very important!)
  4. Bread for a 'meal'
  5. Acquire caffeine for the road
  6. Head off to MeMum's

When or if the rest of my offerings happen is up to debate.

I'll work on what I can when I can. The Patreon offerings may yet happen tomorrow.

Time will tell.