Challenge #04099-K081: To Flourish and Grow

The real Wraithvine meets the fake, the mummer. And confronts them about the prisoner.

The real Waithvine sits with the prisoner to tell the truth of what happened, of their situation, of who their jailer was. And helps them to truly begin to heal. -- Anon Guest

[AN: I think the details of what Wraithvine did to the false one are left up to the imagination. It's way more terrifying that way.]

The water was cool and sweet. Ribbons of red flowed away from the both of them as Wraithvine poured water gently over hir latest charge. Magic didn't heal wounds, exactly. It helped accelerate the healing of wounds with extra energy from the universe and the planes that made it work.

This poor wretch had no reserves to help along. Wraithvine had to treat them the much slower way.

Which included giving them small amounts of food, very slowly, so that they wouldn't be sick. And, as now, gently washing the wounds before very carefully bandaging them. Warm soup to keep their hands occupied and therefore to stop them trying to ingest the herbal simples that Wraithvine had open for hir healing work.

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