Friday, Shopping day, Phone calls, and Beloved Pickup

I have MONEY! Yay. It's immediately going to go on some foods and a couple of treats.

...and staying alive is getting expensive, these days.

Even my normal pinchpenny tactics aren't making the grade. Hell, it's got to the point where filling up on petrol spells a rough financial week.

I can still cope, and I can still save, but it feels like I'm just scraping by. This might be also influenced by being pushed to pitching by Beloved. It might only feel like a desperate need for moneys because I really should have an income from what I've been calling my day job for ten years.

And I really should shit or get off the pot on that one.

The good news is that it's easier to get the pitch kits together for just one target than it is to get them ready for all targets.

The anxious news is that I will be pitching all the sooner and I shall be an absolute WRECK about it. I'm going to be terrified, but I'll do it scared.

You could run a nation off my nervous energy, honestly.

I also have to call the bank for some reason. Probably related to the home loan. Which we are paying regularly, dangit. If it's anything else I can ask them why the heck they're calling me about it. Because I know absolute SFA about anything else. I have enough squirreled away to deal with an outstanding payment, thank the Powers.

Sooner I find out about it, sooner they can stop calling me on a Private Number. [Scammers call on those, either identify yourself or fuck off]

AND I need to unriddle my Smashwords taxes while I'm at it.

IF I get it all done today, I'm having some ice cream.

Offski on my Leyland's tour. Offerings when I get back from that bullshit.