Thursday, Leyland's Tour and Pitch Adventure

Procrastination and Anxiety are holding the wheel, today. I am being social with Better Authors(tm), I am prepping the abbreviated pitch kits just for one pitching arena. I am also driving Mayhem to and from APM in less than half an hour.

In wet weather. On roads full of freaking maniacs.


I think that wrapping my loaves in plastic might be the wrong idea. So I've put them in paper bags and seeing if that helps my loaves stay proper for the duration. I think they might be turning into sods once their moisture is trapped in plastic.

Experimentation meets superstition, maybe. But if it works, it works.

My wrists are hurting me despite my best efforts to not have them hurt. Boo and hiss.

There will be offerings.

There may also be a panic attack.