Fuck Off Anxiety!

A 7-post collection

Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon Due

Six new cases this morning, leaving a total of thirty-eight active cases and all of them are in hospital. Yeeks with beaks, folks. Bunkering too hard to tell the difference between me and a hermit at a glance.

I'm posting my Patreon nonsense today. And I haven't written enough other nonsense to supply my $1 Patreons. I need to complete something real soon now or my Patrons are SOL... And so am I because I can't afford to suspend fees again. Plague did a number on my financials.


In the news:

  • Peter "War on Christmas" Dutton has been hit with criticism regarding comments on the sex assault case
  • AstraZeneca vax now under suspicion of it causing blood clots
  • Cops accused of not investigating Tiger Woods' crash thoroughly enough
  • Prince Charles hurt by things Harry had to say to Oprah
  • Dude test drives a car and crashes it, faces criminal charges on top of losing license
  • 15YO deported to New Zealand, controversy ensues
  • Virus warning to 115 suburbs after plague found in the sewerage of the top end
  • Following the police-made abduction and murder of a UK woman, the UK police crack down on a peaceful vigil protest, controversy ensues. Police allegedly had to act with force because the MASKED protestors stood a risk of spreading plague. This despite the fact that anti-mask protests carry on without any such force in evidence
  • Everyone wants Africa to be a virulent bed of plague outbreaks but they have it handled even when the Knomiras insist on holding superspreader parties
  • China accuses Australia of human rights violations in epic case of the pot calling the kettle black
  • Heat map of bad plague records hightlights every single nation where they don't believe in masks or lockdowns
  • Man has back pain for eight days, learns it's skin cancer
  • Musk sued over share price tweets
  • Big Woolies holding a sale. Stimulate that economy, darn you!

Let's get on with Patreon.

Thursday, Day 4, Anxiety...

I've been online in one form or another since the 90's and I still don't know how to handle making someone angry on the internet. Which is why I'm awake at 1AM with no inclination to work on the journal because random shakes are a thing.

Fun times [/sarcasm].

Not planning to play the victim card, that's not a good look. I shall carry on in my beliefs, and work to be a better person by learning about things. It's the only

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Fucking Anxiety at it Again

Whenever I try something big-for-me, there's always that spike of utter, abject terror that ends up with me hurting myself in strange and interesting ways.

For instance, yesterday I spilled hot soup on myself.

I wasn't hungry (warning sign) so I made myself a big ol' undertow mug of chicken stock broth. In the process of transferring the cup from the electric kettle stand to the bench where I planned to stir in the cream, I bumped the mug against the edge

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I did it!

I sent Adapting off and now the waiting game begins. The last potential publisher gets to wait until July or the other lot gets back to me, whichever happens first. They are my last, best hope (help me Obi-Wan Kenobi...). One gets back in 30 days, so word by the 12th of March or they don't want me. Their loss.

But I did it. I was brave and sent off the files they demanded. Yay me. Now I have most of an

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Why panic about this?

My anxiety is kicking my arse again. Or maybe the word is "still". I don't even know why I'm so hyped up about today. Most of the things I have to fret about are pretty much taken care of.

  • Mayhem doing tests - big whoop. It's a lot of hurry up and wait followed by brief intervals of people doing their thing. We're not going to get results for ages, either.
  • Today's Wordpress thing - big whoop. I have five potential article
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Firkin Anxiety

Yesterday was quite a bit more adventure than I was prepared to deal with. I was following the busses to Brisbane to visit the Kelvin Grove campus of QUT so I could keep an eye out on Miss Chaos whilst she had a fun day of learning.

Which would have been fine except I misplaced the busses at the very last turn and got the first parking space I could achieve.

As I predicted, I got frelling lost. I got absolutely, hopelessly,

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