I did it!

I sent Adapting off and now the waiting game begins. The last potential publisher gets to wait until July or the other lot gets back to me, whichever happens first. They are my last, best hope (help me Obi-Wan Kenobi...). One gets back in 30 days, so word by the 12th of March or they don't want me. Their loss.

But I did it. I was brave and sent off the files they demanded. Yay me. Now I have most of an entire day to collapse into an anxious heap.

I have plenty to distract myself with: HAM windows, actually just playing around with shit for funzies, table top day...

Discoveries made: Whilst Taco Bell does a very nice carb feast, it also gives me the Death Cough(tm)1 so I won't be going there too often. If I am, I'll probably be sticking to some less carby options.

One bonus with Taco Bell - when they say frozen drinks, they don't fuck around. Can't sip 'em for at least twenty minutes, folks. They really freeze 'em there.


The rest of my family isn't awake yet, so I'm doing my own nerdy things until they wake up. I don't really feel like learning anything today, so it's likely going to be farting around for funzies or napping.

I got a lot of nothing to do and I plan on enjoying it.

  1. I'm not dying, I'm just doing a very scary impersonation of the last act of Camille.