Why panic about this?

My anxiety is kicking my arse again. Or maybe the word is "still". I don't even know why I'm so hyped up about today. Most of the things I have to fret about are pretty much taken care of.

  • Mayhem doing tests - big whoop. It's a lot of hurry up and wait followed by brief intervals of people doing their thing. We're not going to get results for ages, either.
  • Today's Wordpress thing - big whoop. I have five potential article topics, four of them are to do with Autism tropes I despise.
  • Dinner???? Why stress? Either I work something out or I get some cooked chooks and salad bits at Coles and firkin wing it.

The most I have to stress about is getting all my assorted shit done today. Y'all don't mind if the day's story is a bit late because shit happens. All that counts is that the story gets written.


Well. Nobody's complained, yet, so I assume...

Onwards I stumble, working on my sideways day. Already tired, still scared of nothing, and with only the ghost of a plan to set in motion.

Let's do this.