Challenge #02080-E256: Station Cats

what would be a "normal" day for a cat in a space-station? -- Anon Guest

[AN: I originally thought - normal pet cat or Skitty? And then I thought... why not both?]


The day begins with the rude noise as Elith's Feedme[1] stirs in their sleep nook. Elith used her claws to show mild displeasure at having her own rest disturbed by the movement of the Feedme. Not that she could stop the bald, two-legged creature. Feedmes were much bigger than Elith, and she had little power to stop anything that big.

The Feedme gave Elith some mild grooming by way of an apology and busied themself with the booth where they cleaned themselves. Elith left them to it, going through slow stretches and her own bathing routine before checking on her food receptacle.

Tragedy. It was empty. "Hey! Heeeeyyyy! Feedme! Do your job!" Of course Feedmes couldn't understand Cat very well, but noise was essential for them to understand that something needed to be fixed. And, to be strictly fair, Cats didn't understand Feedme very well either. "Food! Food now!"

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