Tuesday, Day 0, Patreon Due

Six new cases this morning, leaving a total of thirty-eight active cases and all of them are in hospital. Yeeks with beaks, folks. Bunkering too hard to tell the difference between me and a hermit at a glance.

I'm posting my Patreon nonsense today. And I haven't written enough other nonsense to supply my $1 Patreons. I need to complete something real soon now or my Patrons are SOL... And so am I because I can't afford to suspend fees again. Plague did a number on my financials.


In the news:

  • Peter "War on Christmas" Dutton has been hit with criticism regarding comments on the sex assault case
  • AstraZeneca vax now under suspicion of it causing blood clots
  • Cops accused of not investigating Tiger Woods' crash thoroughly enough
  • Prince Charles hurt by things Harry had to say to Oprah
  • Dude test drives a car and crashes it, faces criminal charges on top of losing license
  • 15YO deported to New Zealand, controversy ensues
  • Virus warning to 115 suburbs after plague found in the sewerage of the top end
  • Following the police-made abduction and murder of a UK woman, the UK police crack down on a peaceful vigil protest, controversy ensues. Police allegedly had to act with force because the MASKED protestors stood a risk of spreading plague. This despite the fact that anti-mask protests carry on without any such force in evidence
  • Everyone wants Africa to be a virulent bed of plague outbreaks but they have it handled even when the Knomiras insist on holding superspreader parties
  • China accuses Australia of human rights violations in epic case of the pot calling the kettle black
  • Heat map of bad plague records hightlights every single nation where they don't believe in masks or lockdowns
  • Man has back pain for eight days, learns it's skin cancer
  • Musk sued over share price tweets
  • Big Woolies holding a sale. Stimulate that economy, darn you!

Let's get on with Patreon.