Challenge #03479-I191: Ring the End of Melancholy

See the comments on this link for the prompt? Long story short, he's been sent by the gods into the elf's life because Wraithvine NEEDS him. -- DaniAndShali

[AN: The comment in question is, "The more I read of Amatu the more I really think his quest is to help WRAITHVINE bring the light back into hir life. I'm starting to think the poor immortal elf has endured so much pain hir heart is starting to slip. Maybe the gods put Amatu into Wraithvine's life to "heal the healer" and "help the helper" for a change. What do you think?" ]

Immortals can turn sour. Live long enough, witness enough repeating cycles of history, try to engage in the Sisyphean task of trying to break those cycles too often, and even the brightest star will turn dark.

With a looming confrontation with a Lich, a Lich that Wraithvine used to love, it was inevitable that the immortal Wizard would fall to melancholia.

Amatu returned the favour once paid by Wraithvine's nursing him back to health, by finding any and all slimmest chance of hope. He found a bright and cheerful inn to rest in. Inside a picturesque hillside village called Raolsaphold. There, he made certain that the room had at least some seasonal blooms, growing in pots so that they wouldn't die. There, he had the local or visiting Bards play cheerful songs. And there, with little else of a chance, he focussed his powers on helping Wraithvine and sounded his bell.

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