Challenge #03547-I258: Any Way You Want

I read your newest story and the conversation you guys had in the prompts. I know you don't want more prompts right now, so please forgive me, this one popped into my head and I wanted to get it out before forgetting.

It's from this one

A person who, despite a lot of therapy, hates their biological body. They've taken to hurting themselves because of it. They beg the B'Nari to please, give them a new body, they don't want to live anymore if they have to stay in this one.

The disorder that makes you hate your own body -- The New Guy

[AN: The second link leads to a page about Body Dysmorphic Disorder which may disturb sensitive readers]

Every Deregger Rescue has a suite of problems. This was one of the more extreme ones. Not entirely rare for the world, but rare in that it persisted beyond acclimatisation to Alliance culture.

Human Antonella had already been through an abundance of cosmetic surgeries. So many that parts of her skin resembled matte rubber. She wasn't perfect, and still desperately wanted to be so. All the implants, extractions, and sculpting could not help her. So they called for a more extreme solution.

The B'Nari could engineer anything. Custom orders were never a problem. The interview with design technicians might have disturbed anyone else.

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