Challenge #03188-H279: Calling it a Day

A human is having a very stressful day at work, one of their coworkers is small, fuzzy, and just got done with work. So the human asks if their coworker would sit with them and talk for a while to help alleviate the stress. -- Anon Guest

Life as a Human's Companion has all sorts of interesting angles. The best ones for the job are what they call "Tactilely Rewarding". Either soft and fluffy and pleasant to pet, or possessing smooth scales that are also pleasant to pet.

A general immunity to assorted Human effluvium is also recommended, but they make protective gear for that.

Today, Companion Dian has had some clear signs that his Human has been having A Day. It is never a good day when a Human has one, and oh Powers, the terminology was digging its way in.

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