Challenge #03273-H364: A Nice Warm Cuppa

They would sit as a human brushed their fur and ranted about a bad day. They sat as other humans quietly held their hands, sometimes rubbing their furry arms. This was normal for the life of a companion. If you didn't like being touched constantly, then working with humans was not for you. But they, sometimes had bad days, too, and needed someone to rant to.

But, sometimes, THEY needed someone to hold, to rant to, to cry to, about their problems. And when the human saw them struggling, the human picked them up, sat down in a quiet corner, and said, softly. "Go ahead and let off some steam, I'll listen. You need it, and you're always doing it for me, it's my turn to help you." -- Anon Guest

Humans are friendly. They will pack-bond with anything. They're famous for it, but it's always a surprise when the pack-bonding evidences itself seemingly out of nowhere. Companion L'mell was constantly surprised by her Humans, and today gave her another one.

Human Oss physically picked her up and sat her in the quiet corner, then fetched her favourite comfort beverage, some treat food, and a blanket. A very soft and fluffy blanket.

"You're having a day," said Oss. "I'm here if you need to talk. Heck, I'm here if you need to punch something. I can take your weenie Havenworlder punches, no sweat." A very careful smile, not baring their teeth. "Go on."

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