Challenge #04029-K011: For Want of a Nail

They're a workaholic, it seems. They were not a deregger, though their great-grandparents were. They just had this bad habit of working nonstop and forgetting to take breaks to rest once in a while. Problem is, this lead to health issues from overwork. -- Anon Guest

Generational trauma is a hell of a thing. As a Human Companion, it's vital to understand the contributing factors that create hazards to your Human's health. Thus, a well-trained Human Companion is the first responder and expected to intercept and interfere in their Human's self-harming habits.

Companion Eef took those instructions seriously. Just because a Human was raised in the Galactic Alliance didn't mean their culture was completely Galactic. Home environment and ancestral ethics could contribute a vast amount of troubles to encounter. Eef was determined to be diligent in hir work.

Exhibit A: Human Shaw. Second-generation Galactic Citizen. His grandmother had escaped from one of the far-too-many Deregger worlds. Most likely issues: Self-neglect and over-work leading to downward spirals.

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