Friday, Missed Connections and Disrupted PLNs

I spent ALL of yesterday waiting for a phone call from our financiers. I told them to call that day and they firkin didn't DO that.


I still have to go shopping for better supplies, and that has to happen today because other shenanigans on other days. Yay.

I also have the usual unfucking to attempt.

I have, in the process of this week, learned that expecting two side-projects every day is a little bit rich for me.

Lesson learned.

I will consider double-project days to be Bonuses. IDK what kind of reward I'd get for having an arbitrary amount of Bonuses at the end of a week.

So if my financiers call today, I shall be very pissed off at them.

Also on my agenda today is securing a LOT of gravel for our swamp backyard in the hopes of making it not be a bog.

I'm a busy bean, today.