Challenge #04030-K012: Double Down Defeat

The Pax Humanis member decides not to kill the young CEO they were sent to investigate. Instead, they begin a proper education, after first killing those that lead hir astray. The cruelty was due to ignorance and inexperience, not deliberate. -- Anon Guest

People hear "Pax Humanis" and think of bloodthirsty maniacs that need to be contained for everyone's safety. They're not wrong, but there's also those among the organization who are a lot less extreme. The Justices, as we call ourselves. We come, we weigh them in the balance and... well. If they're found wanting, then they serve as an example to the others.

This assignment was like a lot of others. Infiltrate the system, get close to the target... sort them out. Deregger worlds are the most often seen to. It's amazing how hard they double down on the same [EXCREMENT] that doesn't work and never will.

This particular leader of nightsoil was a baby.

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