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Challenge #02836-G279: Sphere of Influence

I have a brother, he just so happen to have a girlfriend. Honestly they’re a lovely couple the girlfriend get along with the family. My brother with his gf are very, “intimate”. I play a beautiful instrument known as the saxophone. This night they learn that walls are thin in this house, if they can hear me, they better connect the dots and realize I can hear them.

the music I’m gonna was play -- Anon Guest

[AN: The music is Careless Whisper BTW]

Humans have a saying: Thin walls make terrible neighbours. You won't know how true it is until you're facing against a noisy neighbour. It's infinitely worse when you and the neighbour have differing sleep schedules.

Mine was a fan of "Cryin'" Joe Bardnaw. Specifically, the one song that every ship everywhere used as part of their distress signal. Many lives may have been saved by The Indian Love Call but this one was inspiring me towards murder.

Pro tip. Never plan a working holiday that goes through Deregger space. Those places are black holes in which you need help from the CRC in order to escape. I sent a coded message off yesterday. With luck, agents will be able to rescue me inside of two weeks. I hope it's two weeks. I don't think I can make it if it's any longer.

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