Thursday, Head Above Water

I am not allowed to feel bad about only getting one side-project contributed to during yesterday. I am not allowed to feel invisible or under-appreciated because I get no comments on my works.

I am allowed to keep on trying.

I am allowed to be kind to myself and do things that make me feel good about myself.

BUT... I also have to go out and get fresh sets of supplies because things are running out or things have gone off.

My supplies of cream have done the latter.

I really don't want to go out shopping the day after I've just been on a Leyland's Tour for MeMum. BUT my cream has gone off and we're out of bread and I have to do the thing.

I also have to wait for a phone call because a financial mob needs some documents and I'm always the one copping the call.

There's also a point in time in which I want to go to Bunnings and get a huge amount of gravel sent to our yard so we can fix the boggy patches. And the potholes. And the boggy potholes.

...I want a holiday. Or at least a day of complete luxury.

I want a day of Planned Nothing.

Which is not happening today.