Challenge #04028-K010: Orphaned Plotline Adoption

A creature, once evil, cruel, corrupt, now greatly changed, comes up to Wraithvine offering a white rose. A peace offering. -- Anon Guest

It had been at least a millennium since the last time they'd met the immortal Wizard. Zygorguk the Imp had received hir mercy and had their entire existence changed. For a start, they could never go back to the Plane of Torment.

Demons could not return to their origin realm if they appreciated kindness. It's all about the relativity of experiences.

There had been centuries of thought about the subject, but Zygorguk had come to peace with their situation. It helped to attach themself to a Wizard, or even a Wizarding school. Both of those options were unavailable. Zygorguk had disguised themself as a Gnome until another avenue opened up.

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