Wednesday, Wordpress and Tech Support

I am on the Leyland's Tour, today. Helping MeMum with making her printer turn on when the internet sucks. The leading suspect is a lack of internet connection or a direct connection to the computer.

Since I'm also due to write an essay about the fanfiction I just posted, my time may be a little bit cramped. Wordpress may be happening tomorrow.

I'll see what I can do about writing that thing on my journeys. GoogDocs for the potential win.

Results may not be present.

I can only try.

All I'm waiting on at the moment is for Mayhem to prepare for the journey because MeMum insists on some equal equipping opportunities.

Beloved and Adorable shall return to this wide brown land on Sunday, so I should probs cancel the streams this coming week so I'm awake enough to welcome my loved ones.

I got some strange plans going on.