I'm Exhausted

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::Cracks Knuckles:: Okay. I've got this.

We're back up to nine days of a plague-free Queensland. So I should, in theory, be back to writing in my novel. Right?

I dunno. I can certainly try.

When I'm done with today's Instant, I can load up that one file and my self-amusement file [which is nearly done] and see which one wins the day. I'm putting my bet on the self-amusement because I'd much rather watch a character discover acceptance on the worst day of their life than do the slow and steady progress to characters gambling their whole lives on their dearest and most impossible dreams.

Like... they're going to win it in the end, but not by the end of the first book. That's what the third book is for. More or less. It's a long and hard journey and they're definitely going to get a happily ever after, but... Going through the hard journey is taxing to write.

Especially considering the insanity running rife through the world right now.

Bullshit like:

  • Two blokes from the Melbourne Suburbs attempted to flee to Queensland, using the impeccable illogic that if they go to a place with no plague then they will be safe from said plague. It's this exact "logic" that lead to plagues spreading throughout history
  • One bloke makes a face mask out of silver [skewed logic: Silver has been proven to have minor health benefits when consumed in extremely small amounts. Something something tearing bacteria and virii apart because molecular somethingorother, therefore mask of silver will protect from Covid-19] so the NEXT bloke makes a mask out of gold just to flex? I don't get it, but it is a thing
  • Panic buying returns and people still haven't learned about TP it seems
  • Pauline "I'm not a racist butt" Hanson has called the people locked down in high-density government housing dirty foreigners who are all on drugs in a move that surprises only a very select few
  • Economists are wondering how this could have happened when they were the ones pushing for Victoria to open way too early, including the astroturf campaign to protest and reopen way too early
  • Oh noes this could impact the MELBOURNE CUP, the only reason people want to go to Melbourne, apparently 9_9 Just run the horses in front of empty stadiums like all the other sensible sport people ffs
  • Doctors are the only people calling out for a reinvigoration of restrictions in a rare display of some motherborn firkin sense at gorram last
  • In another rare display of some motherborn firkin sense, experts are watching a strain of swine flu in China like a hawk. Hooray team
  • Kanye West is saying he's going to run for President. Yes, really. And hey, if a washed up reality TV star can get the office, why not a musical artist? Cue the racists raising hell, folks

Onwards to creating fiction, and I have a delivery in the mail. It may well be the headphone earpieces I ordered a little back. It's not yet time for the comic book I pre-ordered like a literal year ago.

Today's going to be some degree of fun.

Understandably Late Start

I got a parcel in the afternoon, when I was up to my eyeballs in a fictional international misunderstanding.

By the time I had my fecal matter gathered for the afternoon, I was too wasted to go anywhere or do anything because stress can fuck your life up in unexpected ways. Huzzah.

I initially had PLNs to go when Beloved came home, or get them to drive me, but those disintegrated because of a real misunderstanding involving steak, cooking times, and a

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OMG it's too late

I tried asking. I tried explaining. I tried flat-out telling my Beloved to do the thing.


Just WON'T.


Unfuck the garage.

I told them, because the cleaning company told me, that any extra time on the unfuckening in there would end up costing us more than the usual. I did not tell Beloved that I'd already taken money out of the other bank account to cover the cost of tomorrow.

Maybe I should have. I still have today. So does

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What a Day

Things to do today:

  • [ ] Go on our walk with the whole family
  • [X] This blog
  • [ ] My Instant
  • [ ] Entry for what is fast becoming my foodie blog with occasional bits of personal life in it
  • [ ] Downloading and uploading pix for said foodie blog
  • [ ] Book run for both the kids' school books
  • [ ] Shrink visit
  • [ ] School supplies run with the kids for socks, jocks, lunchbox, shoes, and a small tin of vibrantly-obvious paint [long story]
  • [ ] Tidy up a patch of house
  • [ ] At least do one
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My Da always used to say, "Nothing succeeds like a toothless budgie," and none of us could stop him. Well, the much-gassed-about nommables recipe is technically a success. In that Beloved likes them.

It is NOT a success for my energy levels.

Today's recipe is... well...



But never fear, dear readers, I shall document how this absolute disaster unfolded and what I plan to do to make it better next time.



  • Measuring spoons and cups
  • 2 mixing bowls
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