I'm Exhausted

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Saturday, Parkrun and Pooped

I think I got some good exercise in despite the depredations of Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season plus my knees trying to sabotage me. It was a good walk through the Chermside Parkrun, and probably just as well.

Temperatures today SUCK.

Which is why I plan on doing little more strenuous than getting my output done and then slobbing off for the remainder of the day. I might get some set dressing done, but I doubt it.

I got another chapter in the bag, but I still need to individuate it for easy reading. [MeMum, one of my beta readers, is about 50 chapters behind where I am]

The cats insist they don't have food in spite of the fact that yes they do. I currently have Pip getting in the way of my keyboard.

I didn't clean the Catio or feed my Starters yesterday. I should do at least one of those and you can bet which one it is because hot weather.

If I get that far.

Let's at least get on with story.

Saturday, Unfucking and SUMMER!

It is PUNISHING hot out there, so I'm waiting for sunset before I tackle the catio. I just about boiled to death during the bus watch this morning. Blargh.

Heat had me dizzy during stream this morning and I may estivate so that I can actually have the energy for such this afternoon.

I still have to work on the 2K summary of Adapting and I really don't want to face that now.

Stupid hot weather has me all woobly.

At least

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Long Monday, the Exhaustening

It's been a fun game, not gonna lie. My players thought they could fill in an entire hour with faffing about, then decided to try sneaking up to the Dragon and then...

They didn't have a fucking plan of attack.

They have a week to think of one whilst I decide on the resolution to the cliffhanger.

I shall do my story stream, then waken the rest of my house before catching what nap I can before the TaleFoundry readings.

My voice

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::Cracks Knuckles:: Okay. I've got this.

We're back up to nine days of a plague-free Queensland. So I should, in theory, be back to writing in my novel. Right?

I dunno. I can certainly try.

When I'm done with today's Instant, I can load up that one file and my self-amusement file [which is nearly done] and see which one wins the day. I'm putting my bet on the self-amusement because I'd much rather watch a character discover acceptance on the worst day of their life than do

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Understandably Late Start

I got a parcel in the afternoon, when I was up to my eyeballs in a fictional international misunderstanding.

By the time I had my fecal matter gathered for the afternoon, I was too wasted to go anywhere or do anything because stress can fuck your life up in unexpected ways. Huzzah.

I initially had PLNs to go when Beloved came home, or get them to drive me, but those disintegrated because of a real misunderstanding involving steak, cooking times, and a

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OMG it's too late

I tried asking. I tried explaining. I tried flat-out telling my Beloved to do the thing.


Just WON'T.


Unfuck the garage.

I told them, because the cleaning company told me, that any extra time on the unfuckening in there would end up costing us more than the usual. I did not tell Beloved that I'd already taken money out of the other bank account to cover the cost of tomorrow.

Maybe I should have. I still have today. So does

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What a Day

Things to do today:

  • [ ] Go on our walk with the whole family
  • [X] This blog
  • [ ] My Instant
  • [ ] Entry for what is fast becoming my foodie blog with occasional bits of personal life in it
  • [ ] Downloading and uploading pix for said foodie blog
  • [ ] Book run for both the kids' school books
  • [ ] Shrink visit
  • [ ] School supplies run with the kids for socks, jocks, lunchbox, shoes, and a small tin of vibrantly-obvious paint [long story]
  • [ ] Tidy up a patch of house
  • [ ] At least do one
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My Da always used to say, "Nothing succeeds like a toothless budgie," and none of us could stop him. Well, the much-gassed-about nommables recipe is technically a success. In that Beloved likes them.

It is NOT a success for my energy levels.

Today's recipe is... well...



But never fear, dear readers, I shall document how this absolute disaster unfolded and what I plan to do to make it better next time.



  • Measuring spoons and cups
  • 2 mixing bowls
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